Terms & Conditions

ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong Terms & Conditions of Service

By leaving your goods, you agree to the terms and conditions stated below, if you do not agree to the below terms and conditions your job will not be accepted. A copy of these terms are available on request.


All jobs upon collection for completion of repair are required to provide a copy of the Job Repair receipt. It is up to the discretion of ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong to refuse collection should the appropiate documentation cannot be provided. All Jobs must be collected within 30 days of completion, unless a prior arrangement has been made. Jobs that are not collected in this period will be deemed as "Uncollected Goods" (*Section 54), and/or may incur a storage fee (*Section 55-2). Uncollected Goods may be sold/disposed of after the required time has elapsed, in accordance with "Australia Consumer Law & Fair Trading Act 2012" (*Sections 60,61,62).


ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong does not offer any form of credit. Your device(s) will not leave the store until payment has been received in full. In the event of bank reversal, or other payment complications, you will be obligated to pay ITZ Computers the full amount plus any fees incurred immediately in most cases. Cheques will not be accepted unless prior arrangement has been made. No Personal cheques will be accepted.


ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong is not responsible for any data on your device. Extreme care will be taken, however, In the event of any partial or total data loss, You agree we are not liable.


When a device is handed over DOA (No picture, flat battery, not turning on, or has a serious fault), the device cannot be fully tested until after the repar has been completed. ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong will not be liable if any function of the device does not work partially, or in whole. This means if your device does not turn on upo arrival to our store, and after we repair it, the sound does NOT work, the issue would not be warranty. The same policy applies to anything we could not fully test at the time of the Service Booking (including things that could not be tested because the customer had not supplied password and/or has supplied the incorrect details.


Most types of glass are held in place by double sided adhesive. Should the glass/screen lift/detach in any way, please return it to us straight away. We will NOT cover any warranty on a screen that is in some way broken, even if the break occured after the screen started lifting. If the devices frame is warped/bent/twisted etc, we will do our best to reshape the frame to get the glass/screen to sit flush. If the screen is not 100% flush because the frame is slightly/severely bent or twisted, you agree that this is not a warranty issue, and that replacing the frame of your device is the only way to get it flush. ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong will NOT be held liable if your screen is lifting due to a bent frame.


If parts are required to be ordered for a repair, the repair time can vary. We do not have control over postage delays that can prevent a job from being completed. If anything should be lost in transit, we will attempt to order it again. Special Orders will require a 20% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable.


In the event of shock to your device, microscopic fractures can occur that can cause issues with your device. In some cases, when these fractures are present, and the mounting screws are removed, the fractures do not make connection when the device is reassembled. You agree that ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong is NOT Liable if fractures have occured inside of your device, which causes your device not to function in some way, even if such things were functional prior to disassembly.


For most computers and phones, a basic diagnose and quote fee of $40 will apply. Should you go ahead with the updated quote price to repair your device the $40 fee will be waived. Should you decide to not proceed with the repairs once quoted a final price, you will be required to collect your device and pay the diagnose and quote fee of $40.


Virus Removal can take a number of days. ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong is not liable if your device becomes infected with a virus after a virus removal, or full clean-up. We cannot future proof your computer (or stop others in the house from using it). This is the case regardless of what antivirus software you use.


In the event of water damage, the recovery time can vary depending on the device and the extent of the damage caused by liquid. A recovery fee is charged upfront at the time of book in of the device ranging from ($80 - $120; dependant on the model of device) this cost is regardless of outcome of the data recovery, whether successful or not. ITZ Computers & iPhone Repairs Geelong will try everything possible to retreive data. Water Damaged devices will not be reassembled/returned in a usable manner due to this service now being for a data recovery only. We do not offer a water damage service to get your device to be fully functional. The waters impurities can at times be the only thing holding a circuit together, and in such cases you agree that ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong is not liable.


Manufactuerer's Warranty may be VOID upn opening a device. You accept that ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong may break a warranty seal upon opening your device. It is the customers responsibility to determine if the device is currently under some form of warranty. If you are unsure, please determine this before we start any repairs. Warranty is VOID if your device is opened, or serviced by anyone other than ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong. Warranty is VOID if your device sustains any form of damage after leaving the store. No Warranty is supplied for parts that were not supplied by ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong. ITZ Computers / iPhone Repairs Geelong is not responsible if your device fails in any way in our store or after it has left, unless the part that was used in a repair has failed was supplied by us and within our warranty period.

There will be no exceptions, These terms and conditions can/may change at any time, without notice.


Warranty only covers the parts used of the repair provided to the customer. If there should be any faults with unrelated components of your device to the service provided, they are NOT covered under the warranty of the original repair. Devices marked as "DOA" (Dead on arrival) will be confirmed with the customer at the time of book in, and there may be further faults with the handset, that will only be able to be assessed after a repair is provided to a working state. Example: 'Customer A' gets a screen repair done on their device, but after receiving the device back the phone wont charge, brings back to the store, the device charge port will NOT be covered under warranty, as the warranty ONLY covers the screen repair service we provided.

If these terms are not agreed upon, we will not accept the device for repair.